I see that many supermarkets are debating whether to open on Boxing Day or not this year and I don’t actually know if their staff get double time or enhanced pay if they do work on a bank holiday but when I was struggling I always loved a good bank holiday and my name was always first on the staffing list because we got double or sometimes triple pay – woohoo!

I worked a lot in pubs at the time and customers would also often give bigger tips then as they felt sorry for you because you were working. I only did that for a few years when I was relatively poor and needing the money but it was a huge boost in my weekly pay and I didn’t feel too hard done by as customers were generally more friendly and appreciative and overall I had a good time if I worked.

My view was that if I was going to be in a pub anyway then I’d rather be on the earning side of the bar than the spending side – and the people I chatted to were the same!

The idea is to fit your finances to your circumstances and don’t get stuck in a spending – or not earning – rut when you have the opportunity to get that bonus!

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