There was an article on the BBC website today  that Brexit could make our food more expensive!

Well there’s like nothing this kind of information to scare people into panic buying, stock piling and fretting about money, bBut as with most of these ‘panic’ type articles and any other fear about money – once you really look into it, its not so scary.

Food shortage?

It turns out that 55% of our food comes from the UK in any case, we also import from many countries and only 26% of our food actually comes from Europe.

Much of what we buy is to ensure we have certain types of food all year round rather than when its normally seasonally available. I can remember as a child the excitement when the strawberries arrived in the summer – and now we can get strawberries all year round, so they don’t have quite the sense of occasion that they used to.

Maybe we just have to accept that and make different buying choices. Buy English cheese rather than French for instance.

Of course the headline of more expensive food is only a possibility if we don’t get a Brexit deal , but if we do then food prices should be exactly the same as they are now.

So food prices may not increase at all and if they do it will only affect 26% of food types – so if that it going to affect you personally then make a different choice when you’re shopping. As with most things about money and potential scarcity – there isn’t a challenge when you look into it properly and that’s a learning for us all.

Make sure you understand your money and what you pay for stuff then you can make better choices where needed.

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