I love watching all elite sports and I’m tuned into the current Winter Olympics as often as I can and what amazes me is the dedication and obsession of the Olympic athletes to go further, jump higher and go faster to the extent of anything else in their lives. Nothing else matters in their lives apart from training and practise.

I’m sure every waking moment is filled with their sporting performance and what they are doing – their focus is total. And I wonder how many of them are concerned about rising fuel prices or the increase in the cost of living or the base rate. Either none or close to none I guess. And isn’t that lovely?

They have a focus in their lives and whatever needs to get done to sort out their money gets done as part of the bigger, more positive focus of the Olympic dream.

Their money challenges are the same as for the rest of us but it doesn’t become their obsession – or depression and I doubt it drags them down.

So develop an Olympic mentality today – have a big picture, a massive dream and an Olympic like obsession in your life and your mentality and positivity will change – and you’ll also start to achieve a more optimistic focus in your life.

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