I see in this morning’s media that Elon Musk is not the richest man on earth today and Jeff Bezos is back in front.

You do wonder if either of these men actually notice – or care about this sort of thing. I suspect there’s a part of them that does because of who they are and what they’ve done but you wonder when you stop caring about the amount of money you have.

In my experience when dealing with people and money they start off all gung ho and want to be multi millionaires but as their wealth increases it starts to lose its appeal and motivation.

Money is like air and water – as long as you have enough most people don’t fret about it and so I’m always interested in people like Musk and Bezos who keep driving for money well beyond that ‘enough’ level.

They are clearly different, but for the rest of us as long as we have enough to pay our way, pay the bills and feed the family, then our attention turns to other things than money.  And that’s the exciting bit for me. I’m never really interested in massive wealth, what I want is for people to have enough such that they can then make better choices about how they live their life and what they spend their time doing.

That’s true freedom. And for Elon Musk I wouldn’t worry – I’ve no doubt he’ll be back on top before too long.

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