It can be challenging managing money when you are a family, sometimes more money flows out or your bank account than into it. That is why learning important money skills enables you to save money in a way that living hand to mouth never can.

Learning our simple money saving skills will take away the stress of worrying about not having enough money so you can control your finances and properly care for your family.

My Money Training also have some simple saving strategies for children so they can learn this all important money management at an early age.



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Money Mum

Set up by My Money Training expert Gill Fielding, Money Mum is a Personal Finance Education Charity helping people take control of their own finances. Teaching people from all ages and walks of life, Money Mum aims to improve their understanding of managing their own money and safeguarding their financial future through teaching the ‘Financial 5 A Day’. The Charity believes that by teaching money skills from a young age it can help them to understand money better and encourage good money habits for later life.

Wealth Wednesday

My Money Training Expert Gill Fielding shares her top tips for wealth creation every month on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex.

On the last Wednesday of the month Gill will be teaching simple money saving tips to help you make your money go a little bit further. To find out more please go to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_surrey


Want to know how to improve your money management skills to get better results for you and your family? Take our quick quiz to find out your money personality type!

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Take control of your finances and start planning for your future by learning how to manage and reduce your expenses.

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