As a wealth creator and educator, I watch people with money and what they want to achieve and when I first meet them they often want millions, but by the time they have got started and have additional income above their norm, their motivation for millions start to wane.

Most people stop driving themselves on the wealth creation journey when they have ‘enough’ and they then start investing their time and money for better things: charities, the homeless or their church for example.

Most of us realise quite quickly that once we have enough to pay our way, have a nice car and a good holiday or two every year then the money stops being a motivator. It’s like water and air, if you have it then you don’t even think about it.

I’ve noticed this anecdotally myself but a piece of research from Perdue university in Indiana have reported that people express that they are happy when their income is between £43,478 and £54,347 per year and this is about double the national average.

A separate study done in 2018 suggests that the happy amount is nearer £68,840 but again isn’t hugely more than an average wage. This is massively encouraging for me and should be for many others because most people feel that they need huge amounts to be happy and comfortably off and that goal seems such a massive task that most don’t even try but if we all realised that the happy level is quite achievable with small property investments for instance, then I’m convinced many more people would take the plunge and try.  Having enough is perfectly within the grasp of all of us.

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