With fuel and energy bills on the rise, Gill Fielding shares her top tips on how to save money this month…

1. Save Money on Petrol

It’s likely that petrol costs are going to come down in any case (market forces orpossibly the budget today) but in order to make sure you always buy the cheapest available in your area go to

Mine today varied between 164p and170p (all within 5 miles). Find it and when you’re next passing that garage – fill up!

NB: Supermarkets tend to be slightly cheaper – so fill up and shop at the same time.

2. Save Money on your Energy Bills

This is incredibly tough and any savings will vary from person to person. It’s predicted that energy prices are going to rise between 50% – 60% this year (eg gas price cap torise from 4.07p per kwh to 7.37p) with the next rise in the energy cap due on 1st April.

I suggest we all join the cheap energy club on moneysavingexpert.com. At the moment there’s nothing significantly cheaper than the price cap price which is really unusual as normally the price cap is far higher than any fixed or special deal but watchthis from 1st April and check again then.

Also cut back and use less where possible. Turn the heating off if it’s a warm day! Wear an extra jumper. Energy isn’t going to get any cheaper so find other ways to keep warm!

3. Get a Dumb Phone

This will make calls and texts and may take photos and you may be able to hear the radio – but that’s it! No links to the internet but they cost about £8 and there’s no monthly data charges.

And you won’t be alone… global purchases of dumbphones were due to hit one billionunits last year. This compares to worldwide sales of approx. 1.4 billion smart phones.

4. Be Loyal and Collect Points

For instance, at Tescos you get 1 point for every £1 spent online: 1 point for every £2o petrol and 1 point for every £4 spent on a Tesco credit card. Save those points and use them to pay for your groceries when you’ve not enough money – say when your energy bill comes in.

Also outlets will often have special discounts for club card/loyalty card holders – watch for those!

5. Use any discounts/vouchers/perks given to you by your employer

38% of employers say that give these and another 27% are introducing them now which means that about 10 million people have access to cheap deals through their jib BUT, according to research (by LCP) most people don’t use them. Ask your boss for what they offer – and then use it!

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