Does money make us happier?

Some fascinating research from New Zealand by the Motu research Institute has indicated that our happiness is partly related to how much money we have and earn and the happiest people are those that have and earn slightly more than their work colleagues and neighbours.

It turns out that the happiest people earn more than their work colleagues where comparisons of salary and status are easiest to identify. Then we compare ourselves to our neighbours – and their purchases and possessions. This all makes sense to me.

Money makes us more secure, content and settled and the easiest way to identify what we have is to compare to others. After all who knows if £5k or £50k is a lot of money and the conclusion is a very personal one and some people would never feel wealthy even if that figure was £5 million. But if we can clearly see that what we have is more than others then we can measure that.

It all boils down to getting our money sorted. If we control our money and plant seeds to grow it, not only do we have wealthier lives but we have happier ones too!

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Zoe Whiting

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