It’s that time of year again where we’re all preparing for the festive period, so keep reading to find out our top money saving tips for Christmas!

Most people only think about spending at Christmas, but it’s also a great earning opportunity, so think about bringing some more money in, as well as reducing your expenditure.

Here’s Gill top tips for how to manage your money over the festive period:

1.Get a Temporary Job

Most people only think about spending at Christmas but it’s a great earning opportunity so think about bringing some more money in as well as spending it and get a job – or an extra one.

There are so many temporary job vacancies around in retail, Royal Mail, Amazon – and some pay bonuses for signing on.

2.Make a plan for your Christmas spending:

Set a limit on spending on presents – you can always make the present more special with some personalisation or experience added to it.

Think about something you can make rather than buy – or buy from charity shops or cheaper outlets. For instance, make your own hamper with a wicket basket from the garden centre and add goodies to it.

Make a plan for your food shopping. People often overspend because they think they might need more food ‘just in case’ but if you plan your Christmas menus you can buy what you need and save all that waste we normally have – and make meals with leftovers rather than throwing them away.

3. Search for Deals Online

Think about what you want to buy and then search for deals on the internet. Buy be careful of scams and do comparisons to see if any deal really is a good. Check free tools such as GoogleShopping, PriceSpy and PriceRunner, and the Amazon price-tracking tool, CamelCamelCamel.

4.Prepare for Christmas 2022

After Christmas buy all the cheap wrapping paper and crackers etc. in the sales – ready for next year!

For more money saving tips and tricks, check out our fun online money management modules.

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