Budgeting Family Expenses


Saving money doesn’t have to be boring! In this online tutorial, we share with you how to budget for family fun, without scrimping on the fun.


Budgeting Family Expenses – Online Module #2

Do you have a family budget? This online tutorial is all about having fun with the family and enjoying luxuries and special occasions without breaking the bank.

This online tutorial will cover:

  • How to have save money without scrimping on family fun
  • Free and fun activities to do with children
  • Where to find good deals and save money on holidays
  • How to prepare a family budget for special occasions and luxuries, including birthdays, Christmas and much more!

About the Presenter:

All of our online modules are hosted by secret-millionaire and wealth creation expert, Gill Fielding. Once enrolling, you will have access to a video tutorial, worksheets and clear actions, to help you take your first steps in taking control of your personal finances.

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