Managing and Reducing Home and Living Expenses


In 2020 the average household budget was reported to be £2,548 a month and for many households, is their largest outgoing each month.

This online tutorial will cover how you can manage and reduce these bills to enable you to achieve your goals and household dreams.


Managing and Reducing Home and Living Expenses

Your household expenses are likely to be your biggest outgoing each month, and in 2020 the average household budget was £2,548 a month. Whether you own your own home or are in rented accommodation, we all have the same large items of expenditure, in order to keep a roof over our head. If you would like some top tips on managing and reducing your home and living expenses, our online tutorial will teach you just that.

During the tutorial, we will take a look at the key utility bills like council tax, gas, electricity, water, mortgages, phone and internet. Gill will talk through her top tips on how to reduce your utility bills by finding new providers by using comparison sites.

Our online tutorial will teach you how to save money on household bills, including how to:

  • Save money on energy bills
  • Apply for a council tax reduction
  • Reduce your mortgage payments
  • Compare and reduce your utility bills
  • Plus so much more!

About the Presenter:

All of our online modules are hosted by secret-millionaire and wealth creation expert, Gill Fielding. Once enrolling, you will have access to a video tutorial, worksheets and clear actions, to help you manage and reduce your household expenses.

So, what are you waiting for? Take action and cut down on some of these large expenses today!