How to Reduce Transport Costs


Commuting is likely to be one of your second highest expenditures. In this online tutorial we will give you our top tips for reducing these expenses.


How to Reduce Transport Costs

The second highest expense for most households is travel and transport, with many families spending over £65 a week on petrol, train season tickets and bus tickets. With travel costs being so high, there is plenty of opportunity for you to save money. So whether you drive to work or commute on public transport, this online tutorial will share how to reduce your transport costs.

In this interactive and fun online tutorial, Gill will be sharing her top tips and tricks, including:

  • How to reduce your monthly travel and transport expenses
  • Where to find special deals for cheaper travel
  • How to reduce the cost of commuting to your place of work
  • Top tips for spreading out payments for season tickets and other large travel expenses

By the end of the tutorial, you will be equipped with the tools and processes you need to cut down on your daily commute and transport bills, so enrol today and save some money!

About the Presenter:

Hosted by secret-millionaire and wealth creation expert, Gill Fielding, you will have access to an online tutorial, worksheets and clear action steps to start to manage and reduce your travel and transport expenditures.