Taking Responsibility of your Money


Before taking responsibility of your finances, it is important to take a look at your positive and negative beliefs around money. In this online tutorial, we will show you how your beliefs around money will affect your success and our top tips for moving forward.


Taking Responsibility of Your Money

People have very different beliefs about money. From fear to excitement, your beliefs and behaviours around money are crucial to your financial success and taking responsibility of your money.

We humans have a very odd relationship with money: many people don’t like it, or they’re frightened by it and some others love it so much that it distorts their judgement.

Neither extreme is helpful. If you think about it money is just like water and air: as soon as you’ve got ‘enough’ it ceases to have much importance for most people, but enough varies from person to person: some people want the bare minimum in life and some want all the luxuries. Both are fine, but this online tutorial aims to provide a framework where people generate the money they want in a balanced and appropriate way.

In this online tutorial, you will learn how to establish positive beliefs around money as well as overcome any negative beliefs. Once these beliefs have been established, you will be able to take responsibility of your finances.

About the Presenter:

Hosted by secret-millionaire and wealth creation expert, Gill Fielding, you will have access to an online tutorial, worksheets and clear action steps to start changing your behaviour.