Well this is the week that the shops have opened and Primark have just announced record sales for this week and sales were at pre Pandemic levels.

Generally post lock down sales are being recorded at anywhere between 100% up to 500% up on prior months which is all fabulous news for the economy which will recover very quickly if this level of spending continues. And there are some great deals to be had and most high street retailers have special offers and deals at the moment to encourage people to shop.

What caught my eye particularly is the fact that car insurance is now nearly 50% cheaper than before the pandemic as insurers have less risk because of the reduced mileage most of us have had over the last year.

However you need to shop around to get that kind of reduction otherwise your normal insurer will probably just charge you an uncompetitive rate.

So go out and spend by all means but make sure you’re getting all the deals and discounts on offer – there’s plenty about!


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