I read this morning about a lady who had been a stage manager before the pandemic but as all the theatres have been closed she has retrained as a mechanic and loves it.

And I was chatting to the supermarket delivery driver this weekend to find that he was cabin crew before the virus but is also a property investor of sorts as he has a few holiday homes across the world – none of which he has visited for some time.

It got me to thinking about how the pandemic has been a great leveller and how people have forgotten status in return for certainty and stability and any kind of job. You never know if the decorator you’ve just used previously worked as a brain surgeon and it’s lovely that it doesn’t matter.

We have all realised that there are more important things in life than status and position and it’s wonderful. We are all in the same boat of survival and it has created better equality.

The pandemic has done a great deal for social mobility and I hope that continues when we get back to normal.

I think it will as people will be changed by the shock we’ve all had and that’s one positive we can take from Covid.

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