Many people ask me about the journey from poverty to wealth and where to start and my first tip is always this: open your purse or wallet and see what you have. And then find all the spare cash you have around the house: look in pockets, jackets, the car, jars and trays and even down the back of the sofa. According to So smart money we have about £43 million down the back of our collective sofas, so go and find your share! In fact get your children to do it – if you have any – and then get them to count everything you’ve all found – tell them it’s Maths Home Schooling.

Then when you’ve counted all the physical cash and coins, then add up all your other money: money in bank accounts, savings, pensions, shares, ISAs and any investment you have.

Rummage in your old paperwork – is there a forgotten account somewhere? Add it all up and write the total number down. You might find that you have more than you thought and this will give you an immediate lift. And if you haven’t got much then at least you know where you’re starting from and the only way is up!

You can even get the children to draw pictures of the money (Art Home Schooling) or create a chart of what money there is and where it is (more Maths Home Schooling). It’s an exciting project to start off 2021 with a bang and so that you’re more ready for your wealth journey when the lockdown (and Home Schooling) ends.

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