All the money news is negative at the moment so in order to cheer us up here are some positive money tips and offers:

1. Earn yourself some extra cash with a spare ‘shift’.

There are supposedly lots of jobs available at the moment but many of those will be zero hours contracts and basics jobs which may be an issue for someone looking for their main job but it’s ideal for people who already have a job and are just looking for a little bit extra to top up the household budget.

There’s lots of jobs in hospitality, driving and caring at the moment all of which you can do on a shift by shift basis in the main.

2. Declutter your cupboards and storage

As spring is upon us then this is an ideal time to declutter your cupboards and storage – and then sell off what you don’t want or use or love!

Gain extra cash by going to one of the many online sales sites and get rid of what you don’t need and gain some extra cash. The sites can be specific like for clothes (Poshmark for fashion brands) or old tech (DeCluttr) but there are many general sites as well – even good old ebay and Gumtree counts! Good sites are preloved, and Vinted.

3. Get a Council Tax Refund

Many Brits will be eligible for an automatic council tax refund worth £150 to help with the current cost of living crisis.

People in council tax bands A to D will get the cash – around 80% of homes – but not in bands E to H. You can find out which band you’re in by checking with your government’s search tool.

If you pay your council tax by direct debit, your account should automatically be credited with the money. If you don’t pay by direct debit the council should process the payment – you don’t need to claim! Money should be paid in April.

4. Offer your dog walking services

Now that everyone is being encouraged to work from the office, there are going to be a lot of ‘lockdown dogs’ who need walking and you can make plenty of money just walking around the local park with dogs.

BUT every dog is different and has different needs, qualities and personalities, so you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the various breeds and, more specifically, get to know the dogs and dog owners you’re planning on walking.

You also need to prove that you understand the responsibility of a dog care and know what dog to let off leads etc. but you can earn £10 – £20 per hour.

5. Go to the theatre!

Visit as they have extended their show time cheap ticket offer for March.

So you can see top London shows like Wicked, Frozen, Dear Evan Hanse and many others for ticket prices between £10 – £50 and you also get money off on restaurants, shops and hotels with those tickets as well.

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