What impact will the vaccine have?

I was reading an interesting report by Faisal Islam on the BBC today where he is talking about the impact of the vaccine on the economy and larger companies.

We have seen that the announcement and arrival of the vaccine has boosted the share market and the larger economy but the potential return to some kind of normality has boosted individual companies as well as they can now plan for a future with customers and a workforce in a similar way to the past.

This is actually it’s the same for us as individuals: we can now start planning next year with more certainty of a job and maybe a holiday and that impacts our personal economy and finances. We can now go back to financial planning as we knew it and with less uncertainty.

In fact this is a perfect time to do it. we’re about to start a new year and a new normal and we can budget accordingly. So review your finances now! And know that everybody is doing the same: the government, large companies, small business and you personally.

The issues are the same for all of us irrespective of how large or small our ‘purse’.

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